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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello, its Me

As if life didn't have enough unwanted surprises lurking around every corner, 9/11 provided another that had been unthinkable before. What could be worse than knowing that we all could be blown up, vaporized, while going about our everyday business?

It's a question that wouldn't leave me following 9/11 until I came up with a satisfying answer. The only thing worse, I finally concluded, would be living a life without love, faith, hope and charity. Before 9/11, I had taken these principles for granted, like the air we breath. All of a sudden I realized that they aren't a given, that unless we all nurture them in our lives, they would all just disappear. I couldn't bring myself to imagine that, so instead I imagined a story about how one man came to realize this truth with God's help.

God, that inner voice of ours so hard to discern at times and so easy to hear at others, has a way of teaching us critical lessons just when we need to hear Him most.