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Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Best, Most Original Book I've Read in Years"

Faith Filled Family Magazine says, "A TIME TO... is a captivating book right from the beginning. The author's use of words draws readers directly into the story and captivates their interest by making them feel as if they were there...

..."Overall, A TIME TO... is well written, and relatable. It is the best, most original book that I have read in years. It is clearly written, and well thought out. I would highly recommend it."

You can read Michelle Danko's entire review and inspirational stories in the spring edition of Faith Filled Family Magazine.

"A GREAT new spiritual book!" - Anglo-Catholic News Service

Rutherford Card. Johnson says - I have had very little time for discretionary reading these days, so when I not only read a book, but call it a page turner, that ought to say something. That is precisely what I would call A Time To... by Ronald Louis Peterson. The novel claims to be a baby boomer's spiritual journey, and it is just that. But, the message is one that ought to resonate with every man, woman, and child, no matter what their age.

Ronald Louis Peterson drew on his own experience growing up in New York, working as a Peace Corp volunteer in Ethiopia, and as a media and public affairs professional. This gives the book a great deal of realism. Also, the novel is filled with historical facts from the various periods of Al Masterson's life. While some younger readers might not know about all of these events, I do not believe this detracts from the message of the story at all. Whether young or old, and no matter where you are in your own faith journey, A Time To... will speak to your heart.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A TIME TO... Reviews

Midwest Book Review says, "Thousands of deaths make it easy to not see individual stories within those thousands. "A TIME TO... A Baby Boomer's Spiritual Adventures" is a novel powered by a memoir as Ronald Louis Peterson tells the story of an individual who embraced the second half of the twentieth century and found spirituality and life through it all, before facing the tragedy of 9/11. "A TIME TO..." is a thoughtful read, recommended--Five Stars."

CatholicFiction.net says, "A TIME TO... is a special look at life and the people God places there to help us as we grow in faith, hope, love and charity. It's an enjoyable book that takes the reader to many unexpected places with many interesting characters."

Louise Cardone-Calabrese says, "Very moving, stimulating lots of soul searching... setting afire long frozen feelings, making them warm and flexible again--Five Stars."

LStan07 says, "A TIME TO... is quite the pleasant surprise. Not your typical 9/11 tale, this story takes you on a personal journey with the main character, Al Masterson, to rediscover the best qualities of humanity. A great juxtaposition to see how one of the darkest tragedies in history can serve as the backdrop for some of the most beautiful examples of what makes life worth living. A great read--Five Stars."

Thursday, May 5, 2011