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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The origin of A TIME TO...

We all see life and events in our lives differently for many reasons; often age and experience are major factors. In the case of an event like 9/11, American adults experienced it much differently than children because adults knew intuitively from their lives that 9/11 introduced a new kind of war in which American civilians suddenly found themselves in the middle of a scary global battlefield. As I struggled to come to terms with this new reality, I began to recognize that 9/11 had adversely affected me spiritually. It had threatened to kill some of my soul’s most prized possessions: love, faith, hope and charity. When I concluded that others probably felt the same way, I began to play around with story ideas that would address these issues in a positive way. The final result is my novel, A TIME TO ….

A TIME TO… is a story about Al Masterson, a baby boomer and a risk manager who worked in the World Trade Center on 9/11. It’s about an historic tragedy and a soul-searching metaphysical journey, about a child’s love and his special gift, about the killing of an enemy and the imprisonment of a friend, about losing faith and then finding it as a Peace Corps Volunteer thanks to a peasant girl in famine-stricken Ethiopia, about discovering the power of hope during the last days of an iconic African emperor, about being victimized by the treachery of a coworker and rising above it in an act of charity, and about discovering one’s soul. It’s about how Al’s life was changed forever by a spiritual adventure that culminated with an amazing, satisfying ending at ground zero.

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