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Saturday, July 2, 2011

"A Must Read for Peace Corps Volunteers, Past and Present"

Barbara Henkin, Peace Corps Volunteer (Jamaica, 1969 - 71) says, "Being able to reflect on past experiences and then being able to put them into perspective is a rewarding thing to do. Al Masterson's opportunity to do this (albeit frightening) is an inspiration for readers of this book to do the same. The author, through Al, is very skillful in helping us to answer the "why" questions we all face in our own lives.

"Al's Peace Corps experiences in Ethiopia evoke particular memories and life lessons learned for this former Peace Corps volunteer. The opportunities we encounter and the choices we make have such a profound influence on the rest of our lives. Tadese, Al's Ethiopian friend and colleague while serving, reminds one of the richness and rarity of the chance to be immersed in a different culture for an extended period of time. Lessons learned during the Peace Corps experience do indeed enhance and enrich the lives of those who serve........the old but true adage that material things don't equal happiness; that we need to give back; that life isn't always fair; that we should always try to look at the "big picture"; that taking risks can cause the discovery of unknown talents; that smiles can equal an "international currency"; that it is so important to "listen to your soul"; and many more.

Thanks to Ron Peterson for the reminder that capturing and appreciating the moments of one's Peace Corps experience is indeed a worthwhile endeavor!"

Note: A TIME TO... is part of the Peace Corps Collection in the Library of Congress

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